Terms & Conditions


Wetherby-Racecourse-Full-Terms-and-Conditions-of-Entry-for-all-Attendees April 2024


These conditions, Codes of Conduct and Covid Updates, apply to all persons (the Attendees/you) entering the Racecourse and grounds known as Wetherby Racecourse (the Racecourse).  These conditions are issued by the Wetherby Steeplechase Committee Ltd (the Executive/us).  Acceptance of these conditions will result in a legally binding contract between you and us which include the terms of the license which we have granted you to enter the Racecourse.  All Attendees visiting the Racecourse are deemed to have accepted these conditions, and are admitted subject to these conditions and to the Orders and Rules of Racing.If you do not understand or have any questions relating to these Conditions you should contact the Executive without delay for clarification.

Every Attendee entering the Racecourse shall be deemed to have accepted all The Rules of Racing and shall do so subject to The Rules of Racing published by the British Horseracing Authority from time to time.

Entry to the Racecourse shall be at our discretion. We reserve the right to refuse entry to or expel any person from the Racecourse who is, whom we reasonably believe to be, or whom to the best of our knowledge has in the past been, in breach of these Conditions.  Our liability under these Conditions is limited. Please see Condition 14.

Wetherby Steeplechase Committee reserves the right to impose such new conditions of entry into Wetherby Racecourse as it, in its absolute discretion, considers necessary to comply with Legal Requirements, for example Wetherby Steeplechase Committee Ltd may at its discretion undertake health screening prior to your attendance at any racecourse. Wetherby Steeplechase Committee Ltd shall use all reasonable endeavours to inform you of these conditions in advance and reserves the right, without penalty or liability, to refuse entry or to eject you from Wetherby Racecourse if these conditions are not complied with.

Please contact the team at Wetherby Racecourse if you have any questions or require our Terms and Conditions of Entry in an alternative format.