Wetherby Redevelopment 2016

21st June 2016

As promised work on the redevelopment this week has got rather more exciting.. It’s definitely more interesting than looking at our computer screens, as this pic below shows:

Anyone for popcorn!  Wetherby Office Team monitor the redevelopment..

Last week saw the contractors finally declare the Old Stand, asbestos free, so they have been able to get in and ‘soft strip’ the building, removing any internal doors, wooden counters, bars, shelving etc.  This mostly came out of the Paddock Gallery Bar windows into a waiting skip below.   BT were also in last week re-directing all of the telephone lines for the site, this involved lots of digging up of the Paddock Concourse.


Then on Friday the go-ahead was given for the big machinery to get started, and so the demolition began…..

And while this has been going on, the A1 Bar is also getting ready for demolition, scaffolding going up first as the tiles which contain asbestos have to be carefully removed before the heavy machinery moves in. To be fair one man and a sledgehammer could probably knock this little building down!

Out on the track, work has now finished installing the additional drainage which will hopefully help this winter should we get another wet one! We just need to seed the areas and let the grass grow..

Work is also still ongoing on the fences.  The frames have been repaired, and we are now packing them with new birch.

Busy,busy, busy…….

Catch up again next week.

The Racecourse Executive