Wetherby Redevelopment 2016

08th July 2016

The last ten days or so have seen the final demolition of the Old Members’ Stand.  The demolition was held up for a couple of days while a larger demolition crane was brought in, but once that arrived and with two machines on the job, the remains of the building came down in less than a day!


Work has continued this week to clear the site.  The diggers meticulously separate out the metal and wood for recycling and the remaining rubble is being crushed down and is being reused on site, some of it within the redevelopment project and some to make a new carpark for our Bookmakers (No more muddy feet guys!).


As of today (8th July 2016) we now have a completely clear site, and engineers are attending this afternoon to lay out the foundations!  Let digging commence!


We will keep you updated with progress at the end of next week.

The Racecourse Executive